When patients choose Fannin Surgicare, they find it to be more convenient and easier to navigate than a hospital. We offer a number of scheduling options to meet specific needs.

Our center offers a comfortable environment with a highly trained medical staff focused on offering personalized patient care. We know exactly how many patients we will serve each day and staff appropriately to ensure each patient’s visit goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Because we see only surgical patients in our center, it’s less likely for someone else's illness to become yours; in fact, if a patient is ill, we will reschedule the procedure for a later date.

Since we do not have the overhead of a facility that offers a wide range of procedures from seriously ill to emergency surgery, our center is typically able to perform your procedure at the same high level of care with the same specialized attention but at a lower cost. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our center and we look forward to providing you with excellent patient care.