You doctor’s office will work with you to set and schedule your procedure at our facility. Once the date and time for your surgery has been confirmed, all your paperwork will be sent over to your surgical scheduler who will add to your surgery to our schedule.


For your procedure, you will accrue expenses from three to four different entities:

  1. Your Physician's Office

    This fee comes directly from your doctor’s office and is considered direct compensation for your physician to do your surgery. This is usually paid at your doctor’s office prior to arrival at our facility. If you’ve paid anything to your doctor’s office, please bring the receipt, as adjustments may need to be made.

  2. Facility Fee (for our facility):

    This fee covers the utilization of our facility for your procedure. It also covers the supplies and staffing needed to do your surgery. You will receive a call from the Insurance Verifier at our Central Business Office once she has verified your insurance and your procedure codes with your insurance company. This is usually within a week of your day of surgery. The verifier will provide you with your facility fee amount which is due the day of surgery. 281.525.2271

  3. Anesthesia Fee:

    We are currently are in partnership with Anesthesiology of Texas to provide anesthesia services to our patients. They are a separate entity from Fannin Surgicare and your physician’s office. This fee will cover your anesthesia supplies and is also a direct compensation to the Anesthesiologist for services rendered. If you are a self-pay/non-insured patient, you will receive a call from Anesthesiology of Texas providing you with the amount of your fee that is due before or at the time of your surgery. All insured patients will receive a bill in the mail for all services rendered by Anesthesiology of Texas.

    These fees are based upon your insurance coverage and your current deductible status. It may be beneficial and proactive for you to request your procedure codes from your doctor’s office to get an estimate from your insurance company about how much your procedure will cost. For question regarding anesthesia, please contact the office of Anesthesiology of Texas at 713.790.1349

  4. Pathology Fee:

    We are currently in partnership with the following pathology and genetic companies:

    • ADG Pathology
    • Quest Diagnostic
    • Brown & Associate, LLC.
    • Houston Pathology Associates
    • Gen Path
    • Baylor Miraca Genetics
    • Anora Natera

    If your procedure requires a specimen or culture to be collected for review, you will receive a bill from one of the companies mentioned above. You will receive this bill after your surgery and your specimen has been reviewed.

Preparing for your Surgery

Once you have been scheduled for surgery, please complete your One Medical Passport as soon as possible. You will gain access to this passport through your doctor’s office or by going directly to our website. The passport is your opportunity to provide us with a demographic profile and your medical history. Our staff rely on this information to provide you with the best care possible. You will continue to get reminders and alerts via phone and/or text message until the passport is completed.

Please ensure that you have received all clearances for your surgery and have completed all diagnostic testing that may be required for your procedure.

Within 3 days of your surgery, you will receive a call or e-mail from our pre-op nurse providing you with instructions on how to prepare for surgery. This will include strict instructions that you must follow 24 hours prior to your procedure and beyond. This phone call will be very important as it may include information specific to our facility, anesthesia, and the type of procedure you are having.

Day of Surgery

Please arrive at least 1.5 hours prior to your procedure start time. This will allow ample time for registration to ensure all information provided to us by your doctor’s office is correct. While we do not anticipate any difficulties or complications, we want to have time to resolve them should they arise. In this time prior to surgery, you will also go through a pre-op evaluation with your surgical team as a prerequisite to surgery.